Not Your Typical CPA firm

Larry R Cook & Associates, PC is not a traditional CPA firm, but our tax, finance, and accounting background provides a foundation for our various financial specialties. Our offerings fall under four umbrellas – financial valuation, business advisors, damages and settlements, and company benefits. Our services are as diverse as our backgrounds, but if it has to do with corporate finance, odds are that we’ve been there before.


Our accredited appraisers are thought leaders in business valuation and decision consulting. From buy-sell agreements and ESOPs to economic damage valuation and estate and gift tax, our team has decades of experience in all types of valuation.

From entity structuring to exit strategies, our diverse experience has prepared us to guide your business every step of the way. We’ve worked in all varieties of industry – from established construction companies to technology startups, from retail stores to international logistics providers.

Our years of experience in business valuation, economic damages, expert testimony, and structured settlements allow us to provide top tier litigation support for our clients. Litigation can be grueling and stressful as verdicts often have big impacts on your future, and choosing a qualified financial expert is often just as important as choosing an attorney.